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Christina Georgieva aka Lil'Wanderer
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My name is Christina Gerogieva and I am an artist, specializing in the creation of intuition development tools, such as guidance card decks, color therapy jewelry, visionary art and meditation tools. Having always had strong intuition combined with just as strong visual skills, I have always been particularly affected by shape and color. I see shape and color as ways for The Universe to communicate with us. Images are not simply images. Every shape and color  contains information specific to the individual on a subconscious/higher level. This is the reason why we are so affected by images. They have the potential to trigger different feelings and emotions in us. If we would follow those emotions, we would be subconsciously guided by that information, which would help us lead a more intuitive and informed life. I would strongly recommend researching  the effects of art therapy and color therapy.

I was born with a "condition" called synesthesia - a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway - where I experience concepts, ideas and sound as shapes in 3D space which also have color and sometimes smell. This has made me more open to the information contained in shape and color, thus enabling me to "read" images. With the gradual development of my meditation practice, I have also deepened and further strengthened my synesthesia as well as my intuition. Through my art, which is entirely intuitively created, I am hoping to help others develop their intuitive skills and live a more connected life. Plese feel free to reach out:

Universal Oracle Cards

As a digital/visual effects artist for film I use a lot of different tools to create my art. As I was sitting on the sofa one night, after a meditation, I decided to play with this new piece of software that I had gotten - a simulation program used for the visualization of fractals and fluid dynamics. As I was playing with it, just randomly pressing buttons to see what they do, I started getting images that spoke to me. And in their randomness I could see images which came with specific words/meanings. I started outputting the images and writing down the meanings. Then, I would further develop the images in digital painting programs (this was the creative/artistic part for me) in order to achieve the image only I was seeing in the abstract fractals. I would tweak them and edit them so they would have a more specific and concrete shape and others would be able to recognize them. This continued for three months. Every night I would sit down, meditate, open the program and start tweaking variables until a message would come through. Then I would further work on the image, and voila, I would have another card. I realized I was creating an oracle card deck by the fifteenth image. I was almost immediately guided to make it available to the public, that this art was not just for me. It was supposed to help people heal. This is how the deck was created - it had never in my life occurred to me to create an oracle deck! This is why I say that this deck created itself, without my mind's interference, it just flowed through me. It was completely channelled! And I am so happy to be able to share it with all of you!

Something to help you get closer to the Universe.
Planet and Moon
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“The Universal Oracle Cards deck created by Christina Georgieva is absolutely stunning. I love it!

The artwork is visually beautiful and the box is well designed with a magnetic closure. 

There's a holographic texture effect on the box and on the edges of the cards, which to me is the projection of Christina's beauty and her delicate artistic sensitivity. When I saw it and touched it for the first time, it immediately felt like a powerful tool. And now it is my main tool, the perfect one for me and for my therapy sessions, or even just for my own readings. 

I enjoy working with it. Christina created all the beautiful paintings, she's so talented! I can channel easily through the images or through the words. It is also easy to shuffle, the size is perfect for my little hands. 

So, if you believe in the magic of the Universe, I highly recommend these beautiful oracle cards. 

Thank you Christina for being a beautiful soul, you are an inspiration to me and a beautiful lighworker.” 

Vaimiti Guesdon, Quantum Therapist, @pixietahiti

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