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Soulmates and St. Valentine's Day

Ever since I was a little girl, I had an inner knowing. A knowing of someone, somewhere out there, that I was supposed to find. I did not know who that was or where he was or even what he looked like (well, except that he had blue eyes!). But I knew I would recognize him when I saw him!

I was on this half conscious, half subconscious "mission" to find him, scanning every stranger's face everywhere I went. Sometimes it would get overwhelming if the place was crowded and I would start panicking that I was not able to look at everyone's face. What if he was there and I missed him?! That thought was terrifying. I didn't want to fail my mission!

I never questioned why I was doing this. It was like I was a robot executing a program. All I knew was I had to find him!

Did you ever watch the show Road To Avonlea?

It was from that show that I first learned about the concept of Soulmates. I immediately connected with it. It was like I had known about it but never had a term for it. It made so much sense to me and it felt so familiar. It gave me a feeling of excitement, adventure and fun!

As a kid I used to often wonder how far my eyes were able to see in the distance and I would test that by trying to see the furthest thing in front of me, which would always inevitably lead me to the horizon. One summer evening, when I was twelve, I was walking alone down my grandparents' street and was practicing how far my gaze would go. My eyes landed on the fiery reds, oranges and yellows of the sunset sky. Wow! Stunning! The sky was stunning! I was so moved by the beauty of the sunset that I felt overwhelmed with emotion. It was in that moment that I felt this unimaginably huge and powerful feeling that I recognized as Love. And I felt this Love was for another person. Someone I hadn't met yet. Someone who was far away from me in time and space - my Soulmate, I thought! The feeling of Love was so overwhelming that I could hardly contain it. I instinctively knew I was to give this Love to that person. It was especially meant for him. And I was to keep it until we met, some time in the distant future, many years from that sunset moment...

Later on I started receiving mental images of two little kids, a boy and a girl, best friends from another lifetime - childhood sweethearts. They were inseparable, always playing together. The boy would knock on the girl's door and ask her parents if she was available to get out and play. The girl would show up at the door, all smiles, and give the boy the biggest hug. Together, they would run and play in the sand, build castles and laugh all day. This visual always filled me with feelings of warmth and sweetness. And at that point, it had become clear to me that my path was that of Love! And more specifically, Soulmate Love.

So what is a Soulmate? How would you recognize them? Now I know:

You'll see it in their eyes.

Their Divinity will be the most obvious thing about them. You will feel like you're swimming in liquid Love when you're in their presence. They won't just feel familiar, they'll feel like family, like the closest family member you've ever had. Like home. Everything about them will feel right, from their energy to the way their hand feels when they hold yours. They will bring out your truest self. They will love all of you and you will love all of them. You will feel like you've met your match in every way. That does not mean they will be the exact copy of you, but there will be this feeling of being on the same wavelength, the feeling of being understood so deeply and thoroughly - you'll speak the same language. You'll read each other's minds. You'll feel each other's feelings. Nothing will be hidden. You will readily forgive each other. You'll be a team and always have each other's back.

And of course, the attraction will be like nothing you've experienced before. You'll often have a strong desire to just merge with them and become one being. Their body will feel like the safest sanctuary in the world. Being with them will feel like the highest spiritual experience of Oneness.

You'll have your own world that no one else has access to, your own little bubble.

♡ ♡ ♡

For someone who was usually oblivious to the reality that most people shared - I had my own - I was unfamiliar with Valentine's Day until I was thirteen or fourteen! Having experienced how beautiful Love feels, when I first learned about this special day, I thought, what an amazing idea, to celebrate the greatest thing in the world - Love! I was always a dreamer and a romantic and Love was always at the center of my life, the most important thing, my highest truth! So of course, I embraced the idea of St. Valentine's Day! And I made a promise to always celebrate it! Not with fancy dinners, teddy bears and chocolates (although who doesn't like those? My personal favorite is heart shaped balloons!), but with just a simple acknowledgement of Love - a simple meditation, a drawing, a piece of writing, a call, a thoughtful gesture...anything that acknowledges Love.

To celebrate Love is to celebrate the Divine - the very essence of wholeness, perfection and balance - the Union of Yin and Yang. It is to feel the inspiration, the life force energy that flows through you at any given moment, to connect with the rest of existence! Who wouldn't want to celebrate that?!

This year I felt particularly inspired to create something special for those who want to celebrate Love - something that can be used as a tool to connect you to Love, a meditation tool, a divination tool, a manifestation tool, a celebration tool! A beautiful altar piece that would reflect the sacredness of Love.

So many of you wrote to me asking if I planned to offer Art Prints of your favorite Universal Oracle Cards for your sacred space. So I created these Limited Edition Framed Art Prints of nine of the most powerful Love related cards from the Universal Oracle. I am so excited to share them with you! I am absolutely in Love with how they turned out and can't wait for them to go to their forever homes, where they will serve you in your celebration of Love! ♡

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