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Introducing the Abstract Shapes Music Album Cover Art, a mesmerizing and unique design that will grab the attention of your audience. These ethereal abstract shapes will make your album, single, EP, or LP stand out amongst the crowd, perfect for music genres such as Shoegaze, Electro Pop, Synth Pop, Synthwave, Lo Fi, Downtempo, Psychedelic Ambient, Dream Pop, Vaporwave, Chill House, New Age, and Meditation Music. The striking visual representation of your music will captivate listeners and draw them in, making a lasting impression. Elevate your music and give it the visual representation it deserves with our Abstract Shapes Music Album Cover Art. Upgrade your music artwork and showcase your style with this eye-catching and modern design.

Abstract Shapes - Music Album Cover Art

  • Size of Image:

    3000 x 3000 px

    300 dpi

    File Format:  .jpg 


  • Lifetime Exclusive License

    • Exclusive rights will belong to the party that purchases the Content (Licensee), and the Content will no longer be available for sale.
    • Licensee has unrestricted right to use and exploit the Content for any purpose, in any media, worldwide.
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