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Are you finding it challenging to extend love and compassion towards yourself?


Please know that you are not alone in this struggle. I've personally experienced the difficulties of self-love myself. This is why I created the I 🖤 Me Self Care Cards.


Originally, I designed this deck to create a more loving space for myself and my Inner Child. Surprisingly, after using it for about a year, I discovered that it had truly helped me honor and treat myself with more consideration, love, and compassion. I noticed a positive shift in my life - I no longer found myself caught in the same cycles of feeling taken advantage of or mistreated. Instead, I had more peace, space, and energy. I felt more balanced and, to my surprise, genuinely loved.


This realization led me to thinking, "Wouldn't it be amazing if more people had access to this transformative tool? It could make the world a much better place!" With that in mind, I decided to refine the deck, adding beautiful artwork that complements the messages, and make it available to others. The I 🖤 Me Self Care Cards feature loving channeled messages and artwork that will gently support you on your journey to cultivating a more compassionate mindset towards yourself and taking self-caring actions.


In addition to their emotional impact, the deck's carefully selected colors hold symbolic meaning. The color pink represents softness, gentleness, and love, while yellow signifies strength, power, and courage. The color purple is associated with intuition. By incorporating these colors, the deck can also serve as a color therapy tool, working directly on your Heart, Solar Plexus, Third Eye, and Crown chakras.


With dedicated practice, commitment and the right tools, Self Love is completely achievable and before you know it, you will find it has become second nature!

I 🖤 Me Self Care Cards

    • 50 beautiful pocket size cards - 2.5" x 3.5"
    • Adorable Matte drawer box to keep your cards safe!
    • S30 Standard Smooth (sturdy but bendable) Matte card stock for easy shuffling!
    • Stunning vibrant high vibrational colors!
    • Gorgeous gold edges to make you feel special (because you are!)!
    • No guide book - Instructions on how to use the deck are on the back of the box. And of course, feel free to experiment and come up with your own creative ways of using this deck!
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