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The Bank of the Universe Cheques is a Wealth Manifestation Tool. It is encoded with Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Frequencies as well as Angelic Light Codes.

Printable Manifestation Cheques

  • Print the image, cut along the dotted lines, fill in the cheques with your name and desired amount(s). Then meditate or say a prayer while holding the the cheque(s) in your hands and set the Intention to Receive the desired amount(s). Send Gratitude to the Universe, Angels etc. and place the cheque(s) on your altar, under your pillow or in your wallet.

    Tip: It is a great idea to also place a Citrine, Pyrite or Tiger's Eye crystal on top of the cheque if placed on your altar. 

  • Please Note this is  Digital Product.

    By purchasing, you are agreeing to the following Copyright Terms: 

    To be used by the buyer only.

    No sharing or re-distribution is allowed.

    This item is non-refundable.

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