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The Universal Oracle Crads are especially created with the intention to help the user develop their intuition. This is the reason why there is no guidance book acompanying the cards. The Artist's intention is to make the cards as open to interpretation as possible, allowing the connected user to receive the most individualized and accurate guidance from their Spirit Team. In case of difficulty, there are synonyms with slight nuances of meaning as helpers. Simply read the synonyms provided at the bottom of the card and sense which connotation resonates the most and applies to your question/situation. It is recommended that the cards are used after a clearing of the mind or a meditation.

Universal Oracle Cards

    • 50 beautiful pocket size cards - 2.5" x 3.5"
    • Magnetic cardboard flip box to keep your cards safe!
    • 350 GSM sturdy but bendable high gloss card stock for easy shuffling!
    • Stunning vibrant colors!  
    • Gorgeous black holographic edges!
    • Holographic print on the box for added glam! 
    • Instructions on how to use the deck
    • No guide book - this deck is especially designed to help you develop your own intuition!
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